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The Naked Truth about SUN protection!

We have known the benefits of SPF for many years, but now understand physical beats chemical shielding ingredients (hands down) and that the products we use should go beyond just protection from the sun, but also, from the environment. Proper products act as shields, fighting against the sun, the wind, reflections from snow and water and from free radical inspiring pollutants. The skin is constantly under attack and to win the daily battles, we need shields that are backed by an army of effective clinical and botanical ingredients. Lira’s Solar Shield products are a bright ray of defense and protect delicate skin so you can confidently play outdoors in any season. With three reef safe formulas, there is a shield for every skin type and tone! The 21% Zinc Oxide in each provides UVA and UVB protection, without a chalky grey/blue tone as found with other products. An army of sophisticated complimentary ingredients rounds out the unique qualities of these amazing warrior products. Below, we highlight a few of the fearless ingredients in each formula:

Solar Shield 30 Oil Free with PSC

Fortified with:

Yarrow root: This ingredient helps to draw heat out of the skin, going beyond just shielding from solar rays, but also protecting from the harmful opportunity heat provides for pigment. (also great to shield in post peel)

Resveratrol: This standout antioxidant works by decreasing certain proteins, which increases the production of anti-inflammatory molecules. As we well know, inflammation is often the catalyst for many skin conditions.

Halidrys Siliquosa (North Atlantic Sea Oak) Extract: In addition to protecting against free radical cells, this ingredient controls melanogenesis, decreases tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis, influencing all main pathways involved in hyper-pigmentation. Have no fear, beautifully flawless face, this extract will fight against heat and inflammation to ensure uneven skin tone won’t be a casualty of the season.

Solar Shield 30 Hydrating with PSC

Fortified with:

Sepilift™ DPHP (Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline): A true weapon against aging, this little soldier provides long lasting moisture retention, fights wrinkles by firming the skin and protecting elastin while also offering a free radical scavenging effect. By stimulating natural anti-aging defenses, Sepilift™ works with the body to fight off unwanted assailants.

Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) Seed Extract: This ingredient acts simultaneously against glycation in the dermis and keratinization in the epidermis, allowing skin to maintain suppleness, firmness and flexibility (elastin). It is excellent in expediting the healing of compromised, wounded skin. Additionally, the included brightening property means even, supple, healthy skin.

Rosa Canina Fruit Extract: A natural source of vitamin C, this warrior goddess aids in shielding the skin, stimulating cell regeneration and improving texture of the epidermis. A fortifying ingredient for any skin type, rosa canina nourishes the skin, improving overall hydration and provides high levels of antioxidant protection.

Solar Shield 30 Classic Tint with PSC

Fortified with:

Sepitonic™ M3: Like a strong steel sword, this active mineral complex protects the structural proteins of fibroblasts and fights against oxidation and glycation. This powerful ingredient enhances cellular communication and encourages oxygen efficiency in skin cells, allowing for vital, healthy skin.

Niacinamide: This ingredient works to stabilize the epidermal barrier function, reducing the opportunity for TEWL, locking essential moisture in the skin. Niacinamide improves the surface structure of the skin, smoothing wrinkles and fighting against UVA and UVB assault. A powerful anti-inflammatory, it works to calm angry acne and rosacea skin while also serves as protection from pigment misfires.

Ginger: An ancient Asian warrior, ginger improves skin radiance with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. A free radical neutralizer, it smooths and evens skin tone. Ginger, an adaptogen, assists the body in achieving balance in changing temperatures and environments.

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