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The Naked Truth about SUN protection!

We have known the benefits of SPF for many years, but now understand physical beats chemical shielding ingredients (hands down) and that the products we use should go beyond just protection from the sun, but also, from the environment. Proper products act as shields, fighting against the sun, the wind, reflections from snow and water and from free radical inspiring pollutants. The skin is constantly under attack and to win the daily battles, we need shields that are backed by an army of effective clinical and botanical ingredients. Lira’s Solar Shield products are a bright ray of defense and protect delicate skin so you can confidently play outdoors in any season. With three reef safe formulas, there is a shield for every skin type and tone! The 21% Zinc Oxide in each provides UVA and UVB protection, without a chalky grey/blue tone as found with other products. An army of sophisticated complimentary ingredients rounds out the unique qualities of these amazing warrior products. Below, we highlight a few of the fearless ingredients in each formula:

Solar Shield 30 Oil Free with PSC